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Our Story

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the food insecurity rate in Texas is above the national average and ten percent of clients are self-identified college students (3 million students) with food insecurity and need (Feeding America, 2014).

The Whataburger Resource Room is a direct response to the need among our student population for more resources to fight food insecurity. UTSA students may find themselves in financial distress because of unforeseen living and college expenses, and must sometimes choose between paying bills and providing nutritious food for themselves or their families.

We need your help! 

The Whataburger Resource Room operates on donations from the campus community. Through a self-selection model, students are allowed five multi-meal food items providing supplemental nutrition support for up to a week. This year, the Whataburger Resource Room has distributed more than 104,000 pounds of food to hundreds of students. Your contribution will help fight hunger on our campuses.

The Whataburger Resource Room also supplies students with essential non-food items, as well, such as shampoo, laundry soap and deodorant. This initiative strives to support our students with the resources they need to excel academically. 

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The Whataburger Resource Room is open to all students in need with a valid UTSA ID. Food and non-food items are limited to 5 items per day. For more information and hours of operation of The Whataburger Resource Room, visit our website.



P: 210.458.EATS (3287)


Supervisor: Nikki Lee

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