GLBTQ Endowed Scholarship

GLBTQ Endowed Scholarship

Since 2005, UTSA has worked with a group of dedicated donors who generously created the GLBTQ Endowed Scholarship fund. John Szetela, Tony Era '93, Kevin Duhrkopf and Brian Wiatrek '95, the founding donors of the scholarship, have been instrumental in making the endowed fund a reality. To date, more than $54,000 from endowment distributions and gifts has been awarded to UTSA students. Continued support for the endowment will provide additional or increased scholarship awards for students who are leaders in the GLBTQ community on campus.

"Getting an education at a university as diverse and open as UTSA helped me as a gay man to focus on the skills I bring to the table," said Brian Wiatrek. "It is very important to me to contribute to the scholarship so that others can benefit just as I do."

Gifts to the scholarship encourage students who have shown leadership and courage, despite possibly not finding acceptance in their families or home communities. Scholarship recipients at UTSA have shared that it has provided them the opportunity to focus on academics and celebrate their connection to the GLBTQ community. Students appreciate knowing there are caring alumni and friends of the university who are cheering them on to graduation and future success.

Applicants for the GLBTQ scholarship must be current undergraduates enrolled full-time (at least 12 hours) or graduate student enrolled in at least six hours, with a 3.0 GPA.

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