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UTSA Cheer is an integral part of the game day experience and we spread and develop spirit, pride and tradition at The University of Texas at San Antonio. We need your help to continue our legacy of success! With your donation, UTSA Cheer can get to the next level. This includes nutrition to provide peak performance, new uniforms to set our team apart, and travel opportunities to compete at the highest level across the nation. Your contributions are crucial to help our cheerleaders achieve their dreams and fly high! Being part of UTSA Cheer means so much to us and with you on our team, we are able to succeed and create more memories. Thank you for your donation and continued support! Birds Up!

Our Most Recent Awards

2022 NCA College Nationals – Advanced Coed Division 1: 8th Place

2021 NCA College Nationals – Advanced Coed Division 1: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

2016 NCA College Nationals – Small Coed Division 1A: 2nd Place 

2014 NCA College Nationals - All-Girl Division 1A: 4th Place, Large Coed Division 1A: 7th Place, Group Stunt: 2nd Place

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