Well-being Initiatives (Mental & Physical Wellness)

Well-being Initiatives (Mental & Physical Wellness)

UTSA is committed to the wellbeing of each member of the campus community and recognizes that numerous factors contribute to overall wellness: physical and mental health, diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress management and self-care, social behaviors and more.  

Our wellbeing efforts build a foundation for healthy living for students, faculty and staff both here at UTSA and beyond. Wellbeing Services integrates health education, promotion and support services to provide a comprehensive approach to student well-being. 

As part of the university’s commitment to student success, Wellbeing Services promotes and connects existing health-related services while developing new programming. Wellbeing Services’ events, workshops and programs focus on the eight dimensions of wellbeing — physical, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, occupational, emotional and intellectual. 

Wellbeing initiatives focus on continuing a culturally competent dialogue about health and wellbeing. 

Support for this project ensures a variety of workshops, trainings, events and outreach opportunities are available to students, including topics like coping skills, suicide prevention and bystander intervention, in addition to the comprehensive integrated physical health care services brought to campus by Wellness 360 and My Student Support Program (MySSP) 24/7 mental health services. 

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