On-Corps Veterans Band

On-Corps is a new concert band for veterans that is part of the UTSA Arts community music initiative at UTSA. Led by Major (Ret.) Dean Zarmbinski, this program is open to all veterans at no cost, and with no prior musical experience required. 

UTSA Arts sponsor educational programs for the benefit of people of all ages and backgrounds who desire to develop their creative abilities in a safe and supportive learning community. 


On-Corps members are mentored by UTSA School of Music students with faculty support, providing a meaningful opportunity for intergenerational connections. Veterans of all ages are welcome to join, which enhances the experience for all. 


Social support is an integral aspect of this program, and the coffee break mid-rehearsal provides much-needed energy and fellowship!


On-Corps gives veterans a valuable life-long learning experience in the arts and also provides a wonderful teaching opportunity for UTSA students. Performances during each session give On-Corps members a chance to share their growing artistry with friends and family.


Your support will allow us to expand the program to veterans from all across the San Antonio area. We provide rental instruments and music at no cost to participants. 

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